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Here Comes The Sun is a suspension lamp designed by Bertrand Balas for DCW Éditions. At first glance, this original design is like all the other lamps that get called an ‘Original’. But once lit, the Here Comes the Sun hanging lamp takes on a magical quality. Darkness loses its rawness and metamorphoses into something reassuring. This lamp is available in 6 different sizes and diffuser in 4 finishes.

HCS Mini: Body : Ø 10 cm | Cast : Ø 5,6 cm | Wire : 300 cm
HCS 175: Body : Ø 17,5 cm | Pavillon : Ø 5,6 cm
HCS 250: Body Ø 25 cm | Cast Ø 9 cm
HCS 350: Body Ø 25 cm | Cast Ø 9 cm
HCS 450: Body Ø 45 cm | Cast Ø 9 cm
HCS 550: Body Ø 55 cm | Cast Ø 9 cm

The price refers to HCS Mini. Please contact us to configure your product, to discuss options and for more details about the prices for the different colors.

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